Sunday, December 12, 2010

Study Abroad

With the finals week here, we all need to start thinking about the study abroad opportunities that are presented during the spring semester and summer.  These trips are normally around seven to 14 days, and offer students a world of culture and experience that will not be found in any classroom setting.  Listed below are the trips and tentative months the trip has been planned during.  Keep posted to the SSC Beat for dates of information sessions on these trips and also deadlines for signing up. 

France                   Spring Break
Honduras               Spring Break
Argentina                May
Brazil                      May
China                      May
Chile                       May
Costa Rica              May
England                   May
Italy                         May
Ireland                     June
Japan/Thailand         May
Mexico                    May
Mongolia                 May
Nicaragua                July

For more information, please visit Dr. David Henneberry or email him at

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