Thursday, January 27, 2011

Want to be published?

For the first time, The Office of Scholar Development and Recognition along with the Office of the Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer are asking for your papers in the new academic journal, Oklahoma State University Journal of Undergraduate Research (OSUJUR).
Please review their criteria and more about OSUJUR:

"OSUJUR welcomes the submission of manuscripts from all academic disciplines.  Only primary research conducted as an undergraduate under the direction of an OSU faculty member should be submitted for review; literature reviews, summaries of other research or articles written beyond the undergraduate level are not accepted.

OSUJUR maintains a blind review process that aims to protect the scholastic value of academic research by verifying the content and methodological validity of all submissions.  OSUJUR does not retain copyright over published material and allows alternative publication in professional periodicals.

Students with papers selected for publication will receive a scholarship in recognition of their contribution to their field and will be acknowledged at the Scholar Recognition Reception in the spring."
Next step: Submit your article. Here is how.

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