Friday, February 18, 2011

Mark Black to OSU – March 2nd

Mark Black is an exceptional motivation to say the least. And OSU has the unique opportunity to hear him speak Tuesday, March 2 from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Wes Watkins auditorium. In case you are not familiar with this name, here is a little bit about him:

By the age of one, Mark Black had already survived two open heart surgeries and luckily went on to live 22 healthy years. That was until he was told by doctors that he not only was in need of a new heart but he also required a double lung transplant. Over the next year, his health quickly deteriorated and Mr. Black was hospitalized for round the clock care. After beginning to think he was living his last days, he received the transplants that he needed to save his life—a new heart and new set of lungs.

Since his transplant Mr. Black has dedicated his life to sharing his miraculous story with others through authoring a book entitled Live Life through the Heart, serving as a guest speaker and life coach across North America, and has had the opportunity to inspire well over 45,000 people. Mr. Black now lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada with his wife and daughter.

Who would have thought a man, not expected to live to his 25th birthday would go on to lead a healthy and happy life and complete 3 marathons?? Incredible!

Check out Mark Black’s website for additional information:

To read the thoughts of Mr. Black himself, I highly recommend reading his blog:

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