Monday, June 20, 2011

GRE- Test and Timeline Changes

Are you looking to go to graduate school? More than likely, admission requirements will include a GRE test. However, with a new test and new timeline, you should take note of the changes that are happening very quickly.

August 1, 2011, will mark the beginning of the new GRE test. This means that you will receive your first scores starting in mid-November. In Early December, normal score reporting resumes.

What to expect on the new GRE:
-Adapts only after a set of 20 questions has been answered.
-4 hour completion time
-2 essays, 2 math sections, and 2 verbal sections will be scored
-Question Types: Verbal-Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence; Math-same question types with additional answer formats (numeric entry and "select all that are correct:)
-Onscreen calculator available
-May move freely within a section and review answered once you've answered them

For a complete look at how the new GRE differs from the current GRE, please visit Good luck!

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